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The next day at the appointed time of 10 A.M. New Boston Time, Scooter took the control of Bluebird and began his approach on Metafire. "This is Scooter. I'm coming in to attach for the tugging operation. Is everything bolted down over there?"

"This is Frank. You lost the last $2500. This time, if you treat us gently Scooter, we are prepared to transfer $40,000 to your personal account."

"Half now.."

Frank interrupted, "No half deal. After you release us in New Vladisvostok, if it's gentle, we'll free up the $40,000!"

Major Henderson, who was listening on his monitor back in Washington DC, turned to Jill and said, "You know, we aren't going to stop this, but we should tell our friends about tug pilots in space. This guy, Scooter, has a real racket up there."

"Yeh," Jill responded, "makes you think."

"Okay!" Scooter was talking to Frank, "No scratching, no poking! I hope somebody's recording this. I would hate to have to sue to get my money from the public trust. I figure you people are going to have it all taken from you pretty soon. You know, when they declare you dead!"

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