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Edenfield looked over at Scooter and Jack, two madmen, and smiled. He responded, "No, we're fine. Scooter and Jack have taken a personal interest in you people. I doubt they would want to miss the fun of dragging a whole colony around in open space!"

"Ok." George wasn't so happy. "It's getting late today. I suggest we take a fourteen hour break. My people can supply course and planning information. There will be a Russian tug that will attach to our Russian capsule for final maneuvering to our Russian supply capsules."

"Agreed." Jim turned off the communications and turned around to Jack. "Jack, Scooter, we might as well spend a few hours practicing self defense. Jack, you were pretty lame with Steven. It's not your fault. But just a few hours practice for space will do us all a lot of good."

Back on Metafire, George had bought the bomb and power team still another day. In fact, the power crew thought they would have the power source up and running within a few hours. They would test it, then connect only part of it, in order to hide its presence from the FBI and NSP. NSP automated monitoring systems were on every capsule. These sent data back to Earth in order to act as a sort of "black box" recorder in case of catastrophe, and for logistical planning purposes during normal times.

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