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"Yes, but it isn't as versatile as the laser." Jim was not amused. "Let me get in there. I'm contacting Ferguson right now for instructions."

The instructions were not surprising: "You bumbling fools! From now on, you will have no direct contact with Metafire except under our strict supervision. No more! They're smart. They'll out-think you at every turn!"

Chapter 34 City

That afternoon, on board of Metafire, Michael Yatchiv heard the first radio transmissions from the Russian officials at New Vladisvostok. Metafire had permission to be towed over to their city for the purpose of acquiring the Whitefire supply capsule and Whitefire tug. The transmission was a narrow line of sight microwave. Bluebird did not receive it, but Ferguson and his team did receive the same notice from Russian officials on the ground. Ferguson went over the internet to Bluebird in voice, "Ok, guys. Now you have my permission to communicate with Metafire. It's time to move them over to New Vladisvostok."

"We have Metafire's request on hold." Jim Edenfield had queued the voice from Metafire while he was listening to Ferguson. "There." He clicked the receive button.

The voice was George, and he had decided to be funny, "We have permission to go to New Vladisvostok. Aren't you guys tired over there? We would wait a day if you wanted to get replacements."

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