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"Christ." Jim Edenfield had overheard the last of the interchanges and realized what happened. "Jack, what kind of idiot are you? Stand aside, I have to report this to Ferguson."

"Wait." Scooter motioned to Jim to stay away. He typed a bit at the terminal, then over the speaker they heard Jane's voice, "Erisa, what do you know?"

Erisa responded, "Jack just used my account at home. I think that's what happened. Then Frank showed up and kidnapped me. That's all I know."

"Well, don't worry. We're not going to harm you, Erisa. That was just a test that George was doing."

Scooter and Jack glanced at each other. They realized they must have missed something.

Then Erisa said, "I don't worry, Jane. Worry is a waste of imagination. Let's get back to trying to put together this book for your customers. We can't talk to them, we might as well make sure they're taken care of."

Scooter clicked his mouse on a window control and the sound went off. He smiled at Jim and said, "Just a little trick among us tug pilots. We can directly address the communications console's microphone and listen in. It's an Internet thing."

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