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Chapter 20 Second Call

Jill wanted to know, "Can we call Ken Miller just to see if he can give us some information?"

"Yes, but don't reveal that we have his disk. Deny it, if he asks." Jill just stared at Ferguson who realized how stupid that was to say, "No, I don't think he'd be able to ask given his condition. I'll also have to arrange a Marine to call you on a secure phone link from his bedside."

It only took a few minutes to ring through to Dr. Miller. "Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller. Your computer." Jill said.

"No. No 'puter. We're gonna die." Dr. Miller was still trying to explain something he was vaguely aware of.

"You hid the files. You .. hid .. the .. files .. Dr. .. Miller. What file name? What should we look for? What's in the computer, Dr. Miller?" Jill intended to try all day if she had to.

"Dangerous. Metafire. Metafire. We're gonna die. We're gonna die."

Everybody heard the word Metafire at the same time. How did Miller know about the Metafire connection? "That's enough," John Ferguson interrupted in a quiet voice, "This is something. Write that down. Write down what he just said. He doesn't know anything about what we are doing. He just implicated Metafire directly. We have cause to issue a full search warrant against Metafire. The coincidence is too close."

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