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"This is incredible. Metafire's museum is giving away their secrets. By the way, we have been observing encrypted traffic between Metafire One and the Ukraine. It is going on to this minute, Jill. We are trapping it, but the cryptography division hasn't been able to crack the encryption."

"Let's get Ferguson. I think we are going to pay this mathematician on Long Island a visit. His name is Ken Keller Miller." They called in Ferguson and spent an hour arguing with them.

In fact, nobody from Sante Fe went to investigate. Ferguson was adamant and stopped them, "No, nobody from here exposes himself. We will have agents talking with Ken Miller within a day."

"At least can we be on a speakerphone?" Jill had to have her chance.

"Yes, we can arrange a secure phone capability."

The next day they were on a phone with Ken Miller. He had been severely injured in the blast. There was brain damage. Besides a deep dementia, he was plagued with chronic brain seizures. Along with two FBI agents, a nurse was present to monitor Dr. Miller's condition. He sat in a chair, slumped, with a large indentation in his forehead. Sunlight was directly pouring into his room and across his face. He liked to sit in direct sunlight.

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