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Chapter 18 The Message

Jack called from his desk, "Jill, I've got something!"

Jill ran in and looked at Jack's PC. He had done a search of the Metafire museum's copy of New York City. They had long since made copies of the museum for their own use using a program from called WebFetcher. The search was for the word "metafire," and it succeeded. There was an email message in one of the files:



Re: threats


I have stumbled on a complete revelation on the net. There seems to be a group called Metafire that has been sending all kinds of encrypted mail to the Ukraine. I was trying to decrypt their stuff using my new methods, and I succeeded. But, Sam, I think these people are THE TERRORISTS. I have made copies of their email and await your instructions.

This email was dated one day before the blast hit New York City. Jill then told Jack the really good news, "I checked out the people in this email. They were both in the New York blast. But the guy from Rockefeller University survived. His daughter filed his taxes for him. He's in a hospital on Long Island."

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