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"Joining your Ukranian partners?" Randy was getting as cold and hard on the inside as he had become on the outside. "What's this about joining your Ukranian partners!"

"It's being arranged on Metafire One, Jack," Jane was back in, "and, in a week, you will meet them. They are children of Oppenheimer too. They too were the victims of history's most horrible fraud: the lies and acts of Stanley Firestone. They now will also die, with us."

Then Angela spoke, "I think it's time to be quiet. Frank, can you create computer accounts for our visitors. I will fix the food. Erisa, Jane can show you our customer control systems. Jack, I think that you should write a report describing how you propose to sheriff New Boston. No more talking until I call everybody to dinner."

Now it was clear to Randy and Erisa. Angela was in charge of the capsule.

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