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One of the agents phoned Jill. "We have Dr. Miller here." Then before putting Miller on the speakerphone, the agent explained Dr. Miller's condition as best he could. Afterwards, he shook Dr. Miller's shoulder and said, "Dr. Miller, we have someone that wants to ask you some questions on the telephone here. Is that all right?"


Jill asked him directly, "Dr. Miller, my name is Jill. Do you remember before your accident. Do you remember reading email from a group called Metafire?"

He said, "Ahh, aye dunno, dunno."

Then Jill said, "Do you remember the atomic bomb blast?"

There was silence for a moment. Then they heard, "Yea, yea. Walls falling. I'member." And his voice trailed off. Then he shouted, "My stuff! My Stuff! My Stuff! My Stuff! Help! Important! My Stuff! My Stuff!"

Jill paused for moment then said, "Was it a computer? Was your stuff a computer? A computer?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Help! We gonna die. We gonna die!"

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