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Senator Longworth left the room with the Major. "Going back to the Pentagon today?"

"No, I have a meeting tomorrow in Houston. The FBI started a new center down there. Since I am Defense liaison officer to the FBI, I get to go and find out what's going on."

"Is this one of those secret things?" The senator pressed his hand on the Major's back as they walked. He had clearance and was on the intelligence committee.

"Well, tell the truth, it's my job to figure out whether those jokers should get a letter."

"Give 'em hell, Major."

"Let's hope they give the terrorists hell, Senator." The Major graduated Stanford as a chemist. The strategic armed forces paid a lot for the guys that could understand inference.

The next day the Major walked into the FBI's Cyberspace Research Center. He met with the Director who was an old man, nearing sixty. The Director was an FBI lifer considerably older than John Ferguson. They exchanged pleasantries, but the Major wanted to meet the operations teams. He wanted to see what was going on, and how it might fit into other activities.

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