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"Flown in?" The Senator wanted to understand this.

"Well, we have restricted access to National Airport. Only inspected planes can approach the restricted airspace without severe action. It would still be possible to have a suicide mission, or a missile, for that matter."

"Do you think the terrorists have access to missiles?"

"No. We don't think so. Every bomb has been placed above ground level in a building. We have really eliminated the kind of transport that could permit this, at least in the district proper."

"I'm sorry," interjected Senator Longworth. "We only have time for one more question."

"Other cities." The Senator wanted to hear the truth.

"There is no appreciable protection for other cities. They are open targets. We don't know where the terrorists might strike next. They might never strike again. We don't know. We just don't know."

The Major held his head up high and faced the eighteen freshmen Senators. Erect, he smiled. "Every service of the government has been trained to watch for clues. Anything that can reveal a plan, a source, a reason, a prediction, anything."

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