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She broke out happy, "Yea?"

"Yea!" And they kissed and rolled all over the house.

Chapter 7 Clue

At FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC., Major Henderson was finishing his briefing on the status of security measures for the city. The Major had an exceptionally rugged, clean cut, and intelligent appearance, even for a Marine. Saturation teams had worked for a year, going over every square meter of Washington with Geiger Counters and GE Subterranean TVs. The city had been sealed to specific locations for egress and ingress. At all locations weights of vehicles, inspections, and radiation readings were taken. Yet there was the nagging certainty that the next time the blast would hit Washington.

"Why spare it?" The Major pointed out. "No one has found a pattern that seems convincing except that the terrorists seem to have no restraint. We believe that if the terrorists were able to place a bomb in the city, they would."

"But Major, do you really believe this security is enough?" The newly elected Senator wanted to hear it from the Major, not the news media.

"It would be difficult to get a bomb into Washington DC. It could be flown in. That would be about the only plausible way. We really have it sealed down, and we have enough experience now to be pretty confident."

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