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"Yes sir."

Chapter 38 Voyage

On Metafire, not four days from leaving New Boston, the lack of work to do on the Internet was starting to cause friction. Some of the people had gotten pretty bored. There wasn't a constant intrigue of customer and potential customer interaction. The physical well-being of the Metafire colony did not require a lot of attention. People started to interact with one another.

Platon felt that the facilities were being mishandled. He told George and Angela, "Sporkin doesn't know how to handle the Russian computer systems. I want to have those controlled independently from yours. The hard network link we are trying to establish gives Sporkin and some others access to deleting and changing our files. Sporkin says that the file system should have a single sensible organization. Sensible to him, George. We refuse."

"But we agreed yesterday that we should be able to explore each others' computers, Platon. You won't give us direct log in capability?" Angela said.

"That's right."

"Then why should we give you log in capability?"

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