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Chapter 37 Decode

"Major Henderson? This is General Adams. We have a report from the National Security Agency that you should see. Please come in right now."

"Yes. Can you arrange for John Ferguson and Jill Thomas to be there?"

"Yes. They will be called in as well."

About a half hour later, the Major walked into the situation room. Jill was already there. Ferguson was out in Virginia and was still forty five minutes away. Jill had brought up the email from the National Security Agency. It began, "We have deciphered the email held by Dr. Miller. The Sante Fe group, Metafire, and the Ukranian group, Whitefire, are clearly responsible for the first bombings. There were thirteen nuclear devices in the hands of Metafire. We have also determined that there was a misunderstanding. Whitefire believed the bombs would not be set off. Several Metafire personnel also believed this. Stan Firestone identified the culprits. They were Samuel Epstein and Rhonda Richards. They were killed. But another interchange between Firestone and George Davis indicates that they, too, participated in setting off the bombs without the others' agreement."

"Jill, dig up that last interchange. I want to read it. We may have trouble here." The Major now sat down. "Let me think for a few minutes. After you get that interchange, then get all records from Dr. Miller's disk that mention George Davis."

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