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Andrei was not hesitant, "You have my full faith George." Andrei then moved on toward his sleeping arrangement in the cavern. George pushed off to get some more sleep too.

Chapter 35 Shock

When Ferguson got to the White House situation room, he saw that Major Henderson was waiting. Jill was also sitting at the Sun terminal clicking away. Ferguson smiled at the Major and said, "Big day today!"

"Yes, John. Big day. The Russian capsules are attached and the Metafire colony is back in New Boston. Let's hope we can use our little surprise on those bastards!"

"Have you briefed the President?"

"Yes, thirty minutes ago. He is going to Camp David today, but he will be in touch. This isn't an international crisis or anything. We don't anticipate any problems yet. We did get a GE Subterranean TV crew out to the Ukraine Whitefire site. They found nothing. The site was clean. All the Whitefire people had left and left nothing behind. No bombs." The Major was feeling pretty comfortable that the situation was contained.

"What's the possibility that Metafire has other bombs?"

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