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Frank clicked off the link. Then George said "Assuming that Andrei and the others only find that one device on the inside, we have to arrange to inspect the outside for foreign things attached."

Frank said, "Yes."

Andrei was pulling himself in to the central Metafire communications capsule. Unlike the Russian's design with small hallways and many rooms, the Americans designed capsules with large open spaces. They talked as Andrei came near.

"We find nothing else George. That appears to be the only foreign object in our capsules. I told my people to get some sleep."

"Fine. We have to arrange to do a tour of the outside. Why don't you get some sleep. In a few hours we'll wake you up. We need any Whitefire people who can detect objects attached to the superstructure that might not belong. We'll take out the release capsule to do the inspection. I have decided how to do this. It will be one of our capsules, not yours. I need to talk with you alone for a moment."

George then pushed past Frank and held onto Andrei's arm lightly as they both pushed into the cavern. Once away from the others, George turned to Andrei and said, "You knew about the other bombs. I want to put a bomb in the release capsule with Erisa and Randy. We keep it near New Boston to insure we can effect our escape. I need your help to back this plan with the others."

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