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Chapter 33 Threat

George waited until the next morning to contact the FBI about the meteorites. "John, I have some bad news about one of your agents."

Ferguson was with Jill. No one else was in the room. George had asked for, and gotten, a video connection with them. Through a special video screen that had been developed by Xerox in Palo Alto, they were looking into each others eyes.

George continued, "It's your agent Steven. Our colony was struck with some matter, some meteorites. One of them killed Steven. Our doctor said it went through his heart. It was over in an instant, John."

Ferguson hardened. Jill just plain didn't believe it. She said, "You know the likelihood of this is pretty remote, George? What makes you think we are going to believe you?"

George turned and looked over to the side, motioning someone to come over. It was Erisa. She looked into the screen at John and Jill. On the bluebird, Jack was monitoring the call. There she was, Erisa. Jill and John had similar reactions.

"Hi. It's me!"

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