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Then George spoke. "It's a deal. We've got your man. If you leave without fixing our air, we'll kill him. Is that clear?"

"Yes." It was Jim. "It's clear that if you hurt him, we will simply destroy your colony. A few hostages, at this point, won't matter." He was serious.

George realized he was serious. "Don't worry. No tricks. Recall, it's you with the tricks. Not us."

With a gesture from George, Sporkin, one of the others who had not succumbed to the gas, went to the hatch and starting securing it. He found the special pin on the inside of the hatch ring and moved it aside. The hatch locked down fine.

Jack couldn't hold back, "Sir, what is your name?"


Jack typed on his screen, up came "George Oliver Davis, captain of the Metafire colony."

"You're George Oliver Davis?"


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