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"Who is she?" The FBI Director did not know her.

"She is my top analyst. She is the one that uncovered Metafire."

The NSC Director intervened, "Certainly. Have her flown up. We'll convene again in the morning. Seven thirty A.M. Major, you have the watch. In the morning you can sleep. Set up all the systems you need. You have Presidential authority."

They broke up. Government vehicles were waiting to take people home and to local hotels.

Chapter 28 The First Deal

Scooter Burbank had joined his tug with the FBI capsule Bluebird. Opening his hatch, he first saw Jack. Jack hadn't even combed his hair for days. "Hello, my name is Scooter. You look pretty jammed in there. Come on in."

"Thanks." Jack pulled himself past Scooter and into the tug. "Windows. Finally we don't have to look through eye-holes!"

"Yes, I've got water for bathing. I've got real food. I've even got some real orange juice! By the way, don't you jerks have some women here? I was hoping to see some pretty women." Scooter was disappointed.

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