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"It's an interesting concept, if it means anything at all. Actually, I don't see what it means. John, I really don't think this guy knew what he was saying."

"Well, I do, and that's enough for now." Ferguson got on the phone to arrange for a court order and FBI personnel for a raid on Metafire.

Chapter 21 Seizure

Agents, but not Ferguson or the others from the Center, arrived at Metafire Systems, Inc. the next morning. They found Dick O'Leary sitting at his desk. He matter of factly allowed the search team in.

After being shown the search warrant, Dr. O'Leary said, "You are certainly welcome to search here. But we're a running business. We operate through our computers."

"Sorry sir. You will have to go offline for a few hours. We have agents here to make copies of your records. We have to ask you to step outside right now, and don't touch anything." The agent was doing his job.

Unknown to the agent, the receptionist has already touched an alarm pad and recordings were being made of all the sounds in the room and some of the sights. The recordings were at that moment being broadcast live to George and Janet at Metafire One and Dave and Angela at Metafire Two. When Dr. O'Leary touched the alarm spot on his desk, as he was getting up, there was simply a text string on George's and Dave's displays, "Richard O'Leary Desk Alarm." But both George and Dave were already watching and listening.

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