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Jill laughed and said to Jack on the last day before they moved, "We just got blown by the wind to Sante Fe. This is where we weave our web, Jack. Time to put down your hands on the silk. It's time to feel for our prey."

Chapter 16 Colonization

George Davis, "god," had established email contact with the new Russian capsule. It was the group he was waiting to meet again. "Janet, we have Andrei." Janet felt a sense of warmth at knowing he was coming.

She pulled herself over to George quickly, and, with her hand on the front of the computer monitor, she looked at the screen. There it was, an apparently gibberish message to "" from "andrei@whitefire.ukr." In the window just below the mail window she saw the Public Key field filled in with "Andrei of Whitefire." And in the text area the message, "We are up. Seven. Including Steven and Marie. Do you have a means of joining?" The public key insured that it was, in fact, Andrei sending the message.

George emailed an encrypted message back, "Stand by. We have a plan for joining up. Stay in the Russian zone for now, but don't link up with any other craft." The communication was over. Both groups knew the communications had to remain short to avoid being decoded.

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