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Chapter 15 Relocation

Back in Houston, the FBI Cyberspace Research Center personnel were at work. There wasn't much they could do about the fact that they had lost the policeman. Jack had agreed never to go by Erisa's again. "At least," he said, "until Erisa is back." Ferguson and the Major felt comfortable that even though the worst had happened, the danger from Metafire was minimized. There were dead set on establishing something more than a weak circumstantial case against Metafire.

"Major, we know that Erisa was kidnapped and that whoever kidnapped her, kidnapped the detective Randy Shaeffer."


"We also know that this group is extremely capable. We did get pictures of the kidnapper. We are taking the pictures to Sante Fe for identification. But no matter what, I think the Metafire group has no place to go. If they find out that Jack is FBI, they'll have to surmise that we still don't know enough to act. Actually, that's true. Right Major?"

"Right. And we could still have a big problem if Metafire finds out Jack is FBI and out of this office. All we can be sure of is that this policeman, Randy, did us no damage. It's just that we had a chance to catch them, and we blew it."

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