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The report on Erisa's last day at the NSP was not as interesting. The only item of any interest was a caller that hung up the moment she said "Erisa." She had mentioned this to a friend. There was no trace on the call. It had been made locally.

Chapter 12 Impostor

The Major knocked.

"Yes. Come on in." Ferguson was fine with people just dropping by.

The Major looked sternly at Ferguson, "Since I'm the temporary security officer, you have to ask me about letting Jack stay."

"Can I?" said Ferguson.

"Sure." The Major then smiled. He was having fun. He had read the same reports. "You know, if Erisa was kidnapped because of this Metafire thing, Jack is in great danger. You might be in danger too, John."

"I was starting to think about that. How do you think we should handle it?"

The Major looked directly at John Ferguson. Then he grimaced a little. "I think we need a different Jack. We need somebody trained to handle what may happen. Alternatively, we could just bug Jack." But I don't think Jack would be very good at taking care of himself. He seems too introverted.

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