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"No," Ferguson got out. He went over to the Dodge, flipped his badge, and said a few words. The guy picked up his microphone and talked for a few seconds, then started up his car and drove away.

It was only 4 P.M. Erisa would not be bothered. Jack was happy. "Thanks for the ride."

"Anytime," said Ferguson. And Ferguson stepped into his car and drove away.

Realizing the day was nearly gone, Jack got back to work on the house.

Chapter 10 Kidnapping

It was seven o'clock before Jack began to worry. Erisa was still not home. He waited until eight, nine, and then ten. He figured he didn't really know her and couldn't blame her if she stayed out late. So he just stretched out on the couch and went to sleep.

Two hours before, Erisa was walking out to the NSP parking lot when a car pulled up. A man got out of the front seat, opened the rear door and pushed her in. There was another man in the rear seat with a gun. The guy was pointing the gun at her. It was a revolver, and she could see the gray colored bullets. She did not say anything. He did not say anything. No one in the car spoke as it drove away.

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