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"I think it takes a leader, a king, an emperor, a president, or something." He paused thinking about Kennedy and the Moon, the Queen of Spain and Columbus. "It isn't greed. It's the decision of a leader motivated by his worry about competition and survival, to make costly exploration happen."

"So, first, we should tell the people who want to lead that they should invent problems whose solution is escape from the planet?"

"I really like that idea, Erisa." He looked at her auburn hair and the small ear sneaking out of it. The ear was pretty cute. He wondered what it would be like perusing her ear. She looked up.

"Pete, they are probably too stupid for that."

"Yea." There were looking into each other's eyes. Somebody had to say something now.

The phone beeped. He picked it up. "Pete Hightower."

They continued to stare. "No, I don't think we have a decision yet. I will call you, OK? OK. Bye."

He smiled a little. "I hate those guys that just keep bugging you. We are probably not going to let them get the contract. The Commissioner said that the Williams Company needs to be pursued on this 'cause they have the newest equipment."

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