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Added to a job without scorn, her boyfriend, Peter, was going to make a perfect husband. He, too, worked at the County Office. When she showed Peter that she cared for him, instead of getting rejection, he would smile and say thanks. This was so like her siblings, and so unlike her parents.

After playing on the Internet that morning, she told him about her sayings. The two of them were having their ten o'clock break in the cafeteria. When she mentioned getting off the planet, he laughed: "There is a problem with that!" His wise eyes sparkled.


He responded, "It's a good idea, but how do you mobilize it?"

"Yea, I know," she looked down.

"I like your idea about worry. I think really hard core worry leads to hard core imagination. Life and death is great, but war is miserable, and that's our only real source of good serious worry. You don't mobilize getting off the planet by worry. You mobilize worry by getting off the planet."

She was always taken by this guy. His pants were slightly long and the cuffs sat on top of his shoes. "So, do you have any ideas about how to mobilize this?"

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