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Chapter 43 Worry

Two months later, on board Metafire, life had settled into a comfortable pattern. The people had all individually become comfortable with the fact that someday, perhaps a year away, they would all perish at once. The adventure was great in making use of all available resources to extend their survival and study space. When Erisa had returned to Sante Fe, she lobbied successfully for Metafire to resume limited business operations. The work helped everyone on Metafire in being comfortable with their life in space. They knew they were continuing to make a positive contribution back on Earth. Erisa was once again completely happy. The people on Metafire needed her, and a growing collection of Metafire customers had grown to rely on her.

The FBI Cyberspace Research Center still had the problem of identifying who set off the bombs. Ferguson had returned to Sante Fe and hired two more people, including Franklin Churchill, to fill out the team with Jill and Jack.

Jack had also been assigned the task of monitoring the operations of Metafire. Erisa and Jack bought a home in one of Sante Fe's residential strips. She had returned to her job with the NSP, but her job was now providing remote Internet support for Metafire. Metafire's revenue had been directed to NSP and Russian Space Program activities. Also, if Jack needed it, she would be available to answer questions that required familiarity with the personalities on board of Metafire.

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