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Frank and Angela studied the records with increasing interest. Finally, in a solemn tone Frank said, "This is good, Jane. You've been thorough. I don't think there is any question that we may have a problem here. What does the FBI want?"

"Dad, they want us to neutralize George. Neutralize the bomb."

Angela said, "If George is doing this, we may not be able to neutralize the bomb. He may be the only one that knows the codes that will neutralize the bomb. I'll tell you what, Jane, I have a way to do this that doesn't require George's cooperation. But I want something from you and the FBI."

In a glimmer of hope she said, "What?"

"Jane, you know that I've permitted you to come along with us. I did it because you have been involved, and, you, like Dick O'Leary would be going to jail if you did not come. But we've got a way here, Jane. You could go free. None of this has been your fault." But it was apparent to Angela that Jane was not listening. "Frank, will you help me on this?"

Then Frank said, "Jane, please. Go back to Earth for us. If we arrange for your freedom, we could also arrange for Dick's and the other people's freedom. The FBI has seen now what really happened. Metafire can live again, but as Metafire Systems, Inc., for the good of mankind."

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