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The President was visibly alarmed. He asked, "How do you people propose to end this? We must have this matter concluded. If we believe we have finally identified the terrorists, then how can we give assurance that they are finally gone. How can we give assurance to the American people that there will be no more nuclear explosions?"

"Sir, a safe conclusion is our highest priority. We are bringing this to conclusion as rapidly and safely as possible." The Major was still standing as the President walked out. He noticed he couldn't swallow.

Chapter 36 Revelations

Back on board Metafire George found Angela on his shoulder. She said, "We've done it! We should be free now."

"Yes. Gather everybody in the cavern. The FBI will be quite busy for awhile trying to decide what to do. We are safe. I want to speak to everyone."

George clicked on the communications window and said, "John, I am breaking off now. Is there anything further?"

"No, George. I hope you realize that we are going to change the charges now against the people you left behind."

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