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"Steven, I'm Jack. Jack Martin, from the Houston Police. You are from the capsule that attached while we were asleep." Randy wanted to make sure this guy knew the deal. "You are FBI, right?"

"I'm afraid I can't answer that. Any of you! You are holding me against my will. Anybody that helps is also holding me against my will. That's a violation of the law."

Then Michael Yatchiv said, "Too bad, Steven. It's time for breakfast. Erisa, Jack, we go." And they all pulled away leaving Steven tied up.

The breakfast was comprised of a few simple cakes and hot tea. As Erisa and Reba passed out the food and the hot beverage containers, George spoke to the group, "We've been attacked and the attackers have been put away. But, my friends, anything can happen next. The FBI, or whoever is actually behind this, may decide, quite simply, to destroy us. I have no doubt of their capacity to destroy us. They could do it in a matter of minutes. I don't know how, but I am confident they could.

"We have to assume that they may fear us. Why else would we still be here, right now? They may suspect that we are the terrorists. If they do, then we may have power over them." George had great presence. He paused and looked over to his hostages. "Erisa?"

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