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Chapter 29 Bombs

Inside the Metafire colony, the Metafire people hugged briefly. The Ukrainians introduced themselves to the new Americans. Everybody who was free of other tasks then got busy emptying out and preparing the supply capsule. George directed the placement of all the supplies. There was a lot of computer equipment, as well as special food stocks, clothes, and general hardware. When ready, they moved the Discovery repair technician into the supply capsule. They tied him to a storage latch, and Dave Johnston moved in to take control. During all of this time George had communicated with Frank and with the crew on the Discovery. There was very little talk.

But before the capsule left, George got a call from Ferguson. "George, we know you now have four hostages. The fourth is Erisa McCabe. Put two hostages on the capsule. You can keep two. Do not refuse us on this, George."

George looked at Janet and muted the microphone, "How do they know?"

"They must've traced from Jack Martin. Erisa disappeared on the Houston Police. They don't know. They're guessing." Janet reasoned.

George thought about it and decided it didn't make any difference. It would go better for them if the FBI knew Erisa was alive, but he wasn't going to explicitly admit it. "OK. But no more changes." George directed that the Discovery communications officer be put on board the capsule. "Disconnect the capsule from the colony. Now!"

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