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Chapter 26 Attack

The work order presentation was uneventful, and work began immediately on fitting the Russian and American capsules end to end. Meanwhile, Frank, in Metafire Two, received a message from the NSP. It read, "Metafire Two, you are hereby ordered to join with capsule Bluebird. Bluebird is currently being tendered to your location and should arrive at 0300 Universal Time. Please indicate the hatch of your choice."

Frank called Sporkin in from the cavern. "What do you make of this?"

Sporkin responded, "They think they are ordering us. Do you have a video contact address for them?"


Sporkin seemed not to notice the response. He was looking at Angela who was now pulling herself toward them. "We have a possible problem. NSP has ordered us to join with a capsule coming in."

"Don't respond," Angela was prepared for something like this. "We'll let'm stew."

But Jack and the FBI guys were in the Bluebird and closing on Metafire Two. They were determined to board.

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