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"Dave, could you take over for Frank for awhile." She spoke over the intercom for the first time.

Dave replied out loud, "Sure." Night fell with Sporkin still searching for the lights in the cavern.

Chapter 25 Reunion

In Ferguson's office, Jack met the two agents assigned to go along with him. Both were small, young and athletic. One, named Steven Streep, was introduced as an Air Force reserve pilot.

"Fighter pilot." said Ferguson. "Steven tests as one of the fastest guys we have in terms of his ability to react and take a sure action."

"I don't know about that, John." Steven didn't like this introduction stuff, "I just wanted to see what it was like in space for awhile. It might be fun, and I think setting up the first FBI office would be interesting. You're an analyst?"

Jack said, "Yep. They figure that a lot of the work up there is going to be cyberspace intensive. Also, we've got a target."

"They've been told, Jack." Ferguson cut in. "Here is Jim Edenfield. He's from Montana. He's our top operative agent there. Jim, this is Jack Martin. Jack is the person we were talking about."

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