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"OK. Do you want me to stick around while you inflate your blimp there?"

"Yes." Frank thought about pressing the button immediately but he figured it was likely to hurt them more than Scooter. "Are you clear. The bolts are explosive."

"Yes, clear. Go ahead." Typical of Scooter's dexterity, he was almost two hundred feet away in just ten seconds.

Chapter 24 The Cavern

Frank yelled to everybody on board, "Here we go. We're gonna have our cavern right now." He pressed the button on the terminal display interface to deploy the 3M/Dupont Space Cavern. Balanced explosions blew around the bottom end of the other capsule, and a large object started inflating. It took about thirty minutes to fully inflate.

"Check the air pressure in the cavern, " Angela wanted to know how it was.

"Point seven, it checks out." Frank confirmed the same number as was maintained on the Metafire Two. "We can try it."

"OK, tell the tug we are opening our hatch."

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