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Chapter 14 Space Flight

Randy's plane landed. They moved to still another aircraft. This one was a jet. This time, there was a woman who also had her hands tied. She looked at him. "She must be Erisa," he thought.

In looking at Randy, Erisa mused, "Who is this guy?" As she would catch glances of him, she found him familiar. He had a small round face. He had seen a lot of sun. Nice looking. "Do I know this guy from somewhere?" she thought.

There was no conversation on the flight. Dick O'Leary and Frank Simplaceanu, were along as well as Dave Johnston and now a woman with bright eyes. When they arrived at Vandenberg Air Force Base, they were moved over to a small building. The jet parked directly in front of it, and nobody seemed to be paying any attention. Once inside Dr. O'Leary explained, "By this afternoon you will be in space. Jack, you are going too. I am sorry, but you will have to disappear along with Erisa."

"And Jack," this was the first time Frank had spoken, "if you act up we have the means of simply disposing of your body as a bit of matter falling to earth. Think hard on that for the next few hours."

Dick then spoke to Erisa, "Erisa, this is Jack Martin. That's who he says he is."

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