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Chapter 13 Second Kidnapping

Dave Johnston kept his car parked about twenty yards down the street from Erisa's. There were a couple of other cars parked on the street. He was dressed casually, about six feet tall, athletic, but not muscular. He had his .357 Magnum revolver in his pocket. He had a Federal permit to carry, even though he checked the gun in his luggage. The guys back in Sante Fe had arranged a safe house for him, so that he would have a local place to go, if he caught the 'other' person. He had decided that his best move was to wait in Erisa's house. There was an area between the kitchen and living room that could not be seen from any windows. He brought over a chair, took a novel off her bookshelf, and read.

Randy took his time driving to Erisa's. He had taken an unmarked police car, a veritable wreck. It was a red Dodge Horizon without power steering or air. Considering it was 100 degrees in the shade, it was pretty miserable. But Randy wanted to give the other guys as much time as possible to get stationed. As he drove down Augusta street, he spotted one car. It was Steve and an officer he did not recognize. "Must be FBI or something," he thought. He didn't realize how right he was.

Pulling into Erisa's driveway, he noticed no sign of life. He noticed the building materials out front and a hammer on the walk at the front door. He tried to act naturally. He took out the key Steve gave him. He walked up to the front door, picked up the hammer off the walk, and unlocked the door.

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