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"My name is Dick O'Leary. This is Frank Simplaceanu." He paused, saw that she was puzzled and said, "Tomorrow we can talk more. For now, I suspect that you should rest." Another pause, then "You are with us now, Erisa. Escape is impossible. If you try, you may be badly injured or die. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Erisa could not help but respond as politely as they were being to her. But she did not understand why they felt the need to kidnap her. Rather than ask, she resolved to bide her time. She thought she could get away and escape these people if she just relaxed and watched for an opportunity.

Chapter 11 First Encounters

Overnight Erisa and Dr. O'Leary independently clarified their concerns to themselves. Erisa had wondered how did they knew she had helped on USSS 26. Was it really Jack that had logged into the Internet page for Metafire? She became certain that she would have to continue hiding the existence of Jack.

For Dr. O'Leary, there was something wrong. He just could not believe that Erisa logged into the Internet page for Metafire and didn't distinctly remember the name "metafire." Would she remember the Netbill password, "probably?" If not, how was he going to find the person using Erisa's account? Yet, the coincidence was too close between her work with USSS 26 and the search on the Internet. Was the Georgia Tech group that had learned the "probably" password really just a front from an NSP investigative team routinely investigating the company of a problem capsule? Was it more sinister? Could this be a sign of law enforcement getting wind of Metafire? There were many questions.

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