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"I don't know. But I can find out."

"By the way. I didn't tell you last night. They are going to do a security check on me, and its going to take a couple of weeks. I thought, if you don't mind, I could fix up your house. You know, paint some rooms and repair some of the junk around here. I need a little more money. They are paying me but I completely forgot to ask them for an advance yesterday."

Erisa smiled and said "sure." She decided right then that 'sure' was going to be her special word for Jack Martin. 'Sure' was better than 'yea' for him. He seemed to need her more than Pete did.

Chapter 9 Mistake

When Erisa arrived that afternoon, she noticed the building materials in the yard.

"I conned them into delivering these for the two thousand dollars you gave me this morning." Inflation had been rampant since the economic collapse. There were maybe a dozen two-by-fours and assorted bags of cement and cans of paint and stuff.

"Oh," she said. It was a struggle not to scream.

"I'll pay you back if you need it later. I just need something to do."

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