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"You're hired, Jack. All you have to do is hack the net for the worst villains the world has ever seen. You can even call yourself an agent for the FBI." Ferguson was a lifer. He had the credibility inside the FBI to authorize Jack.

Jack sat back in the sofa. He smiled slyly at the idea that he would be searching for the bomb criminals and that the FBI would actually pay him. "But, John, what makes you think that I'm not one of your villians? You could be hiring your worst nightmare."

Ferguson was initially taken aback. He thought this was a particularly stupid thing for Jack to say. Then he realized that perhaps this same kind of constant reasoning might be what gave Jack his talent on the net. "Good thinking Jack. Keep it up. If you do find the terrorists, it'll be because you're constantly probing like that." There was no way Ferguson was going to believe this kid was a terrorist. It was too improbable. "We need you here now. When can you start work?"

He told Ferguson he could be there Friday for work. Ferguson told him where. He said, "Suit, Jack." Jack just knew there was a reason he wanted Thursday free. He needed a suit. So maybe three day old shirts were not going to work. He hung up the phone.

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