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Erisa's friend Paulette was expressing an interest in taking in orphans. This was enough to motivate Erisa to pleasantly say goodbye and to get in her car and take to the road. She needed people her age. She wanted friends who wanted her help.

In Houston, Erisa moved into a small old house in town. Being near downtown was not bad, she would just die like Pete if a bomb hit.

Chapter 5 Fear

The worldwide search for the bomb culprits was still going on a year and a half after the bombs. Russia by now had over 1500 people in space and the U.S. had about the same.

He touched the keyboard. He carefully keyed the string of characters, "Ad34ZZ$#kllsmllAY23**n." And he thought again, "It couldn't be this easy!"

Then there was a second series of nuclear explosions. This time there were five:

Nice, France,

Manchester, England,

Canton, China,

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